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Nowadays almost every musician can record from home and many bands have proven that you don’t need to book an expensive studio anymore to get an awesome quality sounding album.


I offer mixing and mastering services. It is as simple as sending over your raw or already processed recordings, and I polish them into a solid brutal mix that makes your song stand out among the masses.


I am Floor van Kuijk, mix/master engineer and (session) musician. Extreme music is what I breed and my passion in life. 

Next to mixing and mastering your music, I play in bands like Korpse, Carnifloor and many other (session) projects/bands. I also arrange everything around the releases, making visuals, deal with labels and make sure everything is ready for a proper release.

With my experience in writing and releasing albums on respectable labels, I know exactly what to look for in a mix.

Why work with me?

I go for the sound that YOU are after. I will help to get the best out of your songs and can add elements to keep everything interesting throughout the whole song. Clear and fast communication and before we start you will be given a clear overview of my working process and everything that is included so there are no unexpected surprises.


Are you ready to get your music the slamming attention

it deserves?

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The masters for the upcoming Virulent Excision EP sound absolutely killer!

Floor did a fantastic job making this sound beastly! Communication between him and the band was great and he was able to make adjustments really quick. GLDCHN Studios is definitely going to be our go to for future mixing and mastering with this band.

Miguel Medina (Virulent Excision)


What’s to say? If you want your music to sound like a Bulldozer driving circles over your head, GLDCHN Studios is your partner to realise that. Floor is an absolute great guy and really smooth and easy to work with.
Highly recommended!

Daniel Schäfer (Bösedeath)



Great communication!

He’s a very talented musician and it comes through strongly in his production work. Definitely recommend for all things heavy!

Nikhil Talwalkar (Undeciphered / Anal Stabwound)


I wrote an entirely instrumental EP leaving the vocals to a good friend that never pulled his weight. Once everything was done, he completely flaked on me. I messaged Floor to see if he could help. Not only did he completely rip through all of the songs with fantastic vocals but he also offered his mixing/mastering service as well. I went for it and I'm glad I did because the results were awesome! The whole process was super quick, great results, and super easy to work! Would definitely work with floor again.

Jake Curia (Ungraceful)



Fantastic studio and a great guy who can do a lot for your music sound.
Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Oscar Ortega (Undeciphered, Cystectomy, Engulfed In Repugnance)

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Describe your project, write down as much info as you can so we can narrow down exactly what you are looking for.


Thanks for your request!
You will receive a answer within 1 - 3 days.

GLDCHN 3D Logo glow.png
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